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Children’s Prayer Cube

Do your children say their prayers every night? Sometimes they have a powerful prayer to share from the heart, other times they struggle to find the words. Roll the Children's Prayer Cube to see what prayer comes up to the top. Encourage children to pray through the prayer, customizing the words to make it their own. Connect to God through 6 prayers for children. The color-coded prayers on this cube include:
Dear Jesus,
help me to do as
I am told. Bless my
father and mother,
and bless all those
I love. Amen.

For rains
that come, for
winds that blow;
for summer's heat,
for winter's snow,
dear Father God,
we thank Thee.

when I have to
do hard things that
I do not like, help me
to do them at once for
Your sake. This will show
You how much I love
You. Amen.

Dear Jesus,
I love You very much!
I am glad that I am
Your child. Help me to
never make You sad
by my sins.

Glory to the
Father, and to the
Son, and to the Holy
Spirit. As it was in the
beginning, is now
and will be forever.

Dear Jesus,
I am so glad that
You love me! Please
lay Your kind hands on me, and
bless me and keep
me safe from
harm forever.
The children's prayer cube makes a great gift for new believers, or children building enough confidence to pray on their own. While some of these prayers may be well-known for seasoned Christ followers, a few may be the new and refreshing prayers needed to revive your prayer life, and develop the discipline to pray every day.
- 1 1/4 inch cube
- 6 prayers, one on each side
- Different colors on each side
- Wood material