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Cinnamon Rum Bananas 26 oz Candleberry Candle

Cinnamon Rum Bananas™ is cousin to bananas foster without the obvious banana. The fragrance is as though you’ve mashed just a few overly-ripe banana slices, cooked them to a caramel, powdered them with cinnamon, drenched the mix in dark rum and set aflame, for nothing more than a wonderful fragrance in your home. It’s not clearly cinnamon, banana or rum but a perfect blend of the three, so much that you will be hard-pressed to recognize the notes without knowing them.  This scent is guaranteed to be the next blockbuster on the Candleberry® historical lineup. It’s one of those fragrances we came across and knew, immediately, that we had something special. The details of the fragrance: top notes of creamy bananas, cinnamon petals and bergamot, middle  notes of rich milk, sheer spice accord and  banana blooms and finally, base notes of  cedarwood, sweet musk and vanilla beans.

Approximate burn time: 140-160 hours

Keep wick trimmed.