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Home Sweet Home Wreath Timer Pillar

This 3" x 4.5" wave-top pillar candle features a textured wax coating on the outside, and a smooth wax coating on the inside with a flame shaped lightbulb. There is a black design printed on the candle that reads "Home Sweet Home" with a leaf garland.

Directions: Our timer pillars have 2 separate “ON" functions. By switching to the “1" position, the timer pillar will remain on until you turn it off. By switching to the “2" position, the timer function is activated.

The timer function means the candle stays on for 6 hours, goes off for 18 hours, and then automatically turns back on to repeat the cycle. The time that you originally flip the switch to the “2" position will be the time it comes on each day. If you wish to reset the timer, turn the candle off and back on at the desired time.